Sneha organizational and corporate services

Sneha Organizational and Corporate Supports

"When you do your job with Sneha, the effect and impact is immense."

There are many ways to explain Sneha, my explanation is the strong affection for oneself and for others. It rises up from kindship, connection and bonding within yourself and others in your team and organization.

Our Sneha 💛 means patience, listening, understanding, kindness, trusting and protection. At the same time, Sneha is a mirror between contentment and dissatisfaction in the workplace.

We Hear You

Instead of looking or expecting Sneha and encouragement from others, our Centre promotes Self-love (self-sneha) and self-efficacy.  Self-Sneha means appreciate who you are, what you have, what you want to do and what you want to be. It means to take care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

You spend 8 hours or more at work, so it makes sense that if you love your work, you can help create healthy relationships and a satisfying career.

The Sneha team works to strengthen your organization. We provide advanced communication training and involve every team member to create a trusting work atmosphere.

Every strong team starts from a heart 💛​

We work with team leaders and managers to develop and promote a strong sense of efficacy and use individual skills to enhance the team.

Sneha works with everyone, to develop happier and more fulfilling lives and workplaces. We work with high functioning and low functioning teams.  We especially welcome teams and groups that are asking “What am I/we doing? Why don’t I enjoy this job/workplace anymore?”.


“We work with you and your team to find and connect to happier outcomes!”


Leadership Training

Sneha delivers a holistic approach to leadership by providing training, coaching and mentoring to every member of your team to unlock their potential.  We help your team fulfill their goals and achieve results.  We value leadership from within everyone in the team.  And we support managers to give the best support to their supervisee(s).

Leadership training alone is not enough, people need regular coaching and mentoring by supervisors and external mentors, to sharpen their leadership skills.

The Sneha team does this for your team and you!
We have to be aware that institutional and behavioral change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and the right support.

Senior Leadership Coaching

At Sneha we define coaching as a process that helps people experience different ways of learning and have more accomplishments in life. We offer executive coaching and consulting for senior leaders to solve organizational challenges.

Specialized services

Team building retreats and reflection

Change workshops

Recruiting high performance managers and staff for you

Creating and facilitating your special events/projects

Create a healthy well-being systems at your workplace

Analyze and write well-being policy

How Sneha provides organization Strengthening

In your workplace do you experience:

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